performer 出演者:世界一キュートなプログラマー Linda Liukas の出演が決定

出演者:世界一キュートなプログラマー Linda Liukas の出演が決定


世界一キュートなプログラマー Linda Liukas の出演が決定


Hello Ruby is the world’s most whimsical way to learn about technology, computing and coding. It is a story about a little girl with a big imagination who knows even the biggest problems are just small problems stuck together. The kids get to go on an adventure with Ruby and her friends - all while learning the basics of computational thinking through stories and exercises. 


Hello Ruby was born while Liukas (b. 1986) lived and worked in New York. Instead of presenting a ready script to publishers, she uploaded the project on Kickstarter, a global crowdfunding platform. Liukas needed $10,000 to cover editing and print costs. This goal was met in three and a half hours after launch and altogether the project raised over $380,000


The book is available at